Chicken Coop 2011 Part 8

By LiLRedCV · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LiLRedCV
    Well, the girls are moving into their new home this weekend!!! YAY!!!!! It's not actually completed yet, but the inclement weather is starting to move in (rain all next week). We'll add the access nesting/brooder doors as weather permits. I do need to stop by the feed store today and pick up two more large bags of pine shavings before we start moving them tho'. We're going with the deep litter method using a combination of pine shavings and shredded paper.

    Instead of having the temporary feeders on the back wall hangning from the 10ft 2x4 roosting bar (where I'd have to walk through chicken poop to get to it), we decided to hang it from the rafters towards the front for easier access. If we have weather permitting, we'll be building a feeder to hang on the wall and which will hold at least 50-lbs of feed at a time....


    The far corner with the concrete blocks is where our waterer will go for now. Eventually, this is where I'm planning to have our wall feeder. The boards above the cabinets swing out and up so we can put yet more supplies - as needed - up there for storage.
    The beam across the double doors is to help keep the deep litter in when the doors are opened.
    Roost bars (ladder one lifts up and out of the way for cleaning) and hen entrance door.

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