Chicken Coop 240

  1. erin0415
    Chicken Coop 240
    My chicken coops seem to be getting smaller and smaller. I started this coop because, once again, I have more eggs incubating. Since some of these are with a broody, I wanted an area separate from the other chickens with its own small pen. Instead, it is acting as a quarantine pen for two 5-6 month pullets I unexpectedly adopted. Their quarantine should be done in time for me to stick them in with the other chickens and get the coop cleaned out for the new babies and momma. This coop is also made largely from recycled materials. I used some heavy crates made with 2X6 boards and some not so heavy duty crates made of 2X4s and 1X6s. I made the base and floor out of 2X6s. The walls were formed by using the other crates. I added new 2x4s to add stability and finish framing it out. Plywood was added to the walls. A window covered in hardware cloth opens on 2 sides. A door opening in the front leads out to a 4ftX8ft small pen. A large door opens on the side for access to clean. Three 3ft roosts are inside. Two nesting boxes protrude from the back. Its 2 new occupants were glad to get in, because its gonna be 25 degrees tonight. I still need to put lots of final touches on this like a latch for the door, ladder going outside, paint, but I was just glad to get these girls out of the cold. I think this will be very cute when it is painted.
    [​IMG] crates [​IMG]
    Base made out of 2X6s[​IMG]
    [​IMG] Bottom made of 2X6s. Side from long crate cut in half.​
    Frame with roost added [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Nesting boxes in progress. Had to move inside... too cold!!​
    [​IMG] The rest of the framing. I am very proud of my roof! [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Getting the roof and sides on. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Side with closed window.​
    My very cute door, also with a closed window. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Got the door on, and the ladder up for chickens [​IMG]
    My 2 new additions checking out their new digs.​

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  1. AlicesSilkies
    Love this!! Thanks!

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