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Chicken coop cottage

By borapiel · Jul 26, 2017 ·
  1. borapiel

    This is my coop. It seems to be a constant work in progress. I got the idea from a picture I had seen on the internet, but it didn't have any detailed building plans with it. I am not a carpenter, but I know a few of the basics. My original idea was to have a coop big enough to hold 10 chickens with the possibility of adding more (we are up to 15 now).


    My plans leave a lot to be desired, but they made sense in my head. In a nutshell, I wanted an 8x12 coop, 8x8 of it would be the coop, and 4x8 of it would be a covered porch area. I made the floor with treated 2x6's, 16" OC.


    The largest obstacle I faced in the whole project was the slope of my yard. I used 1/2" OSB for the coop floor and some deck boards for the porch. It is all supported by treated 4x4's buried approximately 3' and set in concrete.

    20170305_132022.jpg 20170307_172358.jpg 20170307_175831.jpg

    The walls are made with 6' 2x4's, 16" OC. The windows on the sides are each made with (2) 10"x12" glass panels that I made with some 1x2's. They are designed to swing outwards for fresh air and added ventilation. The 2 windows are the front are each 12x36 and are stationary. Their only purpose is to add light and add a rustic cottage look.

    20170316_161106.jpg 20170319_130918.jpg 20170319_130941.jpg 20170319_150031.jpg

    The roof trusses are home made with 2x6's. They are spaced 2' OC. I calculated the angels with a little help online doing a basic search for roof truss angle calculator. I used 1/2" OSB, covered with felt paper and some asphalt shingles. The porch area is supported with treated 4x4's.

    20170320_172112.jpg 20170323_174431.jpg

    The walls are covered with wood grain paneling.

    20170327_165906.jpg 20170327_165851.jpg 20170327_165923.jpg 20170327_165948.jpg

    The run is 18'x8'. It is made treated 2x4s covered with 1/2" hardware cloth. The hardware cloth is also buried 6" down and outward 1.5' on all sides, including where the run meets the coop. I topped it with 2x4" welded wire. Once again, the slope of the yard was a challenge. In the future, I hope to be able to put some kind of roofing on it for added protection in the elements. I cut out 10x12" door for the chickens to use to get to the run and began some of the painting.

    20170328_164305.jpg 20170331_193939.jpg 20170401_162800.jpg 20170408_180553.jpg 20170408_180647.jpg

    The inside of the coop is covered with linoleum flooring, topped with pine shavings. I think I am going to switch to sand, though. Upon walking in to the coop, I made a separate "storage area" It is approximately 2'x8" and has another door leading to the "living area" of the coop. I made my roosting bars out of 2x4's and built a little ramp for them to get to it. I made 4 nesting boxes that they seem to enjoy. I can access the nesting boxes by lifting a lid in the storage area. The two areas a separated by a wall covered in standard chicken wire. I installed a couple of pulley's to open and close the chicken door without entering the living area of the coop.

    20170625_151211.jpg 20170625_151222.jpg 20170625_151235.jpg 20170625_151238.jpg 20170625_151312.jpg 20170625_151330.jpg 20170625_151346.jpg

    In the future, I hope to get the inside converted to sand. I also have some solar ideas that I am tossing around for extra lighting.

    FB_IMG_1491765510545.jpg 20170625_102804.jpg 20170409_195915.jpg PICT0041111.jpg


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