Chicken coop of Ccshambhala
This is what we started with - after ripping away the old run & the front piece of plywood and fixing the back "wall" (the back wall is actually a shed - the original coop had gaps haphazardly patched - with gaping holes that led under the shed). The coop is approx 7'x8'.

We took 12x12 patio stones - and some 8x20's and lined the leveled floor. We also set 12x12's vertically into the ground around the perimeter along the back wall and left wall -where we thought we needed extra protection. Eventually (can see in later construction photos) we put rubber mats over the stones for easier cleaning.
We built the run and redid the door. The run was made by using hardware cloth from the ground up for the first 3'. Poultry cloth went the rest of the way up and over the top - overlapping the hardware cloth 4-6 inches. Then we took 4' tall chain link fence and buried it a good foot in the ground. The run is about 8'x22'.
hubby hard at work
son supervising

We got a big huge window for the south side of the coop. I had my husband put the front wall on hinges so that I can open the entire front side when I do cleaning - using gate latch for closure. There is a 26-27" "square" aggregate stone under the door to the coop to deter digging there.