I have built a few chicken coops for my home (and a few for friends) to house my slowly growing population of bantam chickens. Sadly due to preditors in my area it is a risk to let them free range. Here are some of my coops:
Chicken Tractor:

16448_ct3.jpg 16448_ct2.jpg This chicken tractor I built from scratch having bought the lumber and wire from a Home improvement store. The top had a door as well as the screened area. The shelter area had a wooden floor. The last section of the screened run has a "box" made out of wire so a pan can be put in there and it will be level with the floor for putting in sand for dust bathing or water for ducks. The wheels are from an old lawn mower so could be set at different heights. I added some decrative trimming and stained it to look nice. It has been working out well for the friend who bought it. By Tammie Cappuccio (Spotsplus) 10/09