Chicken Dark

  1. codysanantonio
    My Hens have always known when it's chicken dark. of my favorite times of day. Enjoyed a glass
    of wine with the old hens and pullets tonight, which was both pleasant and painful, as the youngsters think
    that the freckles on my arms are food. Zora pecks really hard!!! I watched them play, practice insect hunting,
    sparring, and I swear--Parsi (Parsnip) the white polish went running so fast after a bug that when she stopped
    she skidded on both feet around a dirt corner. Hilarious!!! Very cartoon-like girl she is. She regained her
    composure and strutted off looking like a cross between ZsaZsa Gabor and Phyllis Diller. Hummingbirds sipped
    from the trumpet vine, I sipped my wine--lovely evening in central Illinois.

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