Good morning everyone.
We are writing to ask advice. We had a terrible accident happen yesterday and are trying to learn from it. Truly heartbreaking. We have both 10 full time free range chickens and 40 daily free range & but at night in a pen chickens.

We have a gorgeous rooster (Plumesy) that has survived getting rescued from being picked on in the pen to then free range for the last year. 😊
He has survived possum threats and racoon threats. Othees attacked, but not him. All the while a sweet and happy boy. He was special since he had lots of feathers on his feet marching around with big feet, feathers and gorgeous plumage. Yesterday for the afternoon bird feeding we found him walking around somewhat wet and dizzy from head to foot. He was making a gurgling sound when trying to sing. He was also opening and closing beak alot. Alert and running when we tried 4 times to capture him to try to get the water out of throat. We turned him upside down and lots of water came out of his mouth. We then tilted him upright and he was trying to breathe. We repeated the process 3 times and water kept coming out. We finally had a phone to google it and it said massage gently base of throat up and down to get water out since they do not have a gag reflex. We did this. Since we live on the sea, he had fallen into saltwater. Unfortunately, he was still not breathing properly. We also saw blood on his crest , so we think he was chased by one of the other roosters and fell into the sea.
He passed away.😢
We welcome any ideas of how we can learn from this or what we did wrong/right in case it happens again. We are heartbroken, but can maybe learn something. We named him Gorgeous Mr. Feathers aka Plumesy.😊🙃🐤🐓🐔 thank you.❤
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