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Chicken Fevers Swap Page

By chicken fever · Jul 30, 2012 · Updated Dec 2, 2012 ·
  1. chicken fever
    3 chicken saddles

    »Horse feed bags, chicken feed bags & chick feed bags- pick 6 per swap

    »Recycled feed bag totes-1 swap per bag

    Pink and zebra patch blanket
    Southern living Christmas cookbook
    Low-Carb Magic cookbook (spiral bound)
    Cookies cookbook
    »Handpainted wine glass...says boootiful! Brand new is case, just took out for photo

    »Set of two cow napkin holders

    »Figurine with saying:

    Wooden pig cutting board

    Genuine leather Black & white checkered/plaid belt size XL

    genuine leather belt with Red & white metal checker belt size XL

    I am looking for:
    Crested cream legbar
    Tolbunt polish
    LF ameraucana
    LF cochin
    Anything chicken related

    I OWE:
    Overberyl: late fall/early spring- isbar/ameraucana
    Sonew123: 6 isbar eggs in spring (WYGS 10/29/12 post # 10481)
    John farmer: 12 LF cochins in spring (6 WYGS 11/1/12 post 10524 & 6 side swap 11/2/12)
    Bnewns: blanket
    : $15 pp (plus 12/2/12)

    Swaps owed to me:
    Crazypetlady: 12 CCL eggs (side swap 10/24/12 & wygs 11/18/12) 6 isbar (12/2/12 PPHS)
    reesepoultry: 3 LF chicken saddles (wygs 10/29/12 post #10478)
    Mstricer: 6 OE (WYGS 11/1/12 post #
    John farmer: 6 welsummers (side swap 11/2/12)
    Cjwaldon: 6ccl eggs (as/wygs)
    Mrheinz77: 6welsummer (wygs post 10740)

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