April 19, 2009
Well here we go! :)

We decided to buy 15 pullets from our local Feed store, they should be coming in this week.
We have been finding scrap material from different sources. Definitely not ashamed to "re-use and recycle" material. My wonderful hubby is an excellent carpenter and can make "junk material" look good. We are still deciding if we want to put vinyl siding up or just paint it for this year. We did find some siding on Craig's list for really cheap which we might buy.
No we are not painting it GREEN :) (Just recycling some old OSB)
Here is our coop as of today. (The run still needs to be built as well as the siding and inside nest boxes/roost)
It's a 6x6 coop
April 23 ~ The girls arrived yesterday :wee

The Hatchery couldn't supply some of the breeds, due to "non-hatching eggs" So we revised our order. We ended up with: 5 California Grey Leghorns and 2 Barred Rocks (All Pullets) Today, I went back and bought 10 Cockerel White Mountain Broilers and 1 more pullet (a Rhode Island Red) which I named "Honey".
Below are a few of my girls

The quarters are getting pretty cramped. This weekend we'll have to come up with an alternative housing unit. The broilers need to be seperated from my girls and put on broiler feed.

April 27 ~ Things are moving along...here's the latest pics
Doesn't look to shabby for "used" material :gig

May 2 ~ The coop as of today!