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Fall Photo Shoots

It is the beautiful season of Fall, my favorite time of year, and the hens are having fun in the cool weather. If you don't know about my flock I have 14 hens, different breeds and ages. I make a list real quick before I start pouring out all the photos

Hawk - Black Australorp - 5 1/2 years

Samoa - Black Australorp - 5 1/2 years

Sally - White Rock - 4 years

Daisy - White Rock - 4 years

Nel - Rhode Island Red - 4 years

Badger - Silver Laced Wyandotte - 3 1/3 years

Jay - Silver Laced Wyandotte - 3 1/3 years

Red - Rhode Island Red - 3 1/3 years

Gracie - Rhode Island Red - 3 1/3 years

Rosie - Production Red - 3 1/3 years

Winter - Black Australorp - 1 1/2 years

Merry - Black Sex-Link - 1 1/2 years

Nora - Black Sex-Link - 1 1/2 years

Shirley - Mutt - 1 1/2 years

Okay here are some of Sally before and after her molting:

Here are some Badger photos:

Here are a few of Hawk, Samoa, and Daisy. Hawk is the front left hen, Daisy the front right, and Samoa the background

These are the red hens (Red, Nel, Rosie, maybe Gracie). Nel is the one by herself drinking water, also think she is the one that is blurry in the top left picture.

Now for the babies of the flock, Shirley, Nora, and Merry. Shirley is an awfully pretty mutt in my opinion, but then again I'm bias :)!

(pictures of Nora and Merry coming soon)

Here are some more random pictures!

Sally is giving Red the eye for ruining her stunning solo picture

There we go, much better

Fall egg photo ;)

I hope you enjoyed looking through my fall collection!
-Chicken Girl1
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Shirley certainly is a beautiful mutt. All your birds are beautiful - they look so peaceful and content.

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