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By Chicken Girl · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Chicken Girl
    Hello peeps! I am Chicken Girl! I live in Wisconsin. This is my first year having chickens. I love them!!!!! [​IMG] I have 9 leghorns, and 2 buff cochins (1 roo, 1 hen), and 1 white/frizzle cochin hen! I want more soooo bad! I have a 10X18 foot coop. If you would like some pics just pm me!

    My buff cochin: [​IMG]
    My buff cochin roo:[​IMG]
    My white/frizzle cochin: [​IMG]
    OH NO!!!!: [​IMG]
    My coop:[​IMG]

    Thanks fo looken!!! And if you whant more pics of the coop just pm me! Mia my Buff Cochin died about 3 months ago. But i am going to ceep the pic of her on here.
    Chicken Girl

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