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By Texas Chick · Jul 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Texas Chick
    I decided to increase the size of my flock so I ordered 12 chicks from the local feed store. I got them on May 22. They have been getting bigger by the minute and they really had outgrown their brooder before I was ready to let them free range with the big birds. I decided that what I needed to do was build a pen for them so the hawks wouldn't get them. The brooder is in the chicken house. The problem was how to let them have some freedom without letting them run totally free.

    I pondered on it for a long time and finally came up with this design. I made runs out of half inch PVC pipe and fittings. I wrapped that in 1 inch poultry netting. The "hallway" is 2 pieces. One runs from the brooder to the outside. The other runs from that to the pen.

    This design has worked very well. Hopefully someone out there can use this idea, too.

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    I forgot to mention that because the "hallway" is 2 pieces, all I have to do is pick up the first section and put it outside for the night. That way I can close up the henhouse and the varmints don't have chicken for dinner.

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