Chicken Health For Dummies Book - Everything you need to care for and keep happy, healthy chickens

Book - Chicken Health for Dummies
By BYC Support · Feb 19, 2013 · Updated Aug 3, 2015 · ·
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    Everything you need to care for and keep happy, healthy chickens

    With directives on diagnosing and treating sick or ailing chickens, as well as general information on how to keep chickens in peak condition, Chicken Health For Dummies is your go-to guide on how to best care for and keep chickens.

    Inside, you'll get everything you need to know about chicken health and wellness: an encyclopedia full of common and not-so-common diseases, injuries, symptoms, and cures that chicken owners may encounter. Chicken Health For Dummies provides chicken owners with one handy, all-encompassing resource.

    • Helps you identify potential hazards and signs of ill health in your chicken
    • Shows you how to properly examine chickens to identify and isolate potential health issues before they spread to the rest of the flock
    • An encyclopedia full of common and uncommon diseases, injuries, symptoms, and cures for chickens

    Chicken Health For Dummies joins Raising Chickens For Dummies and Building Chickens Coops For Dummies to round out the For Dummies reference library as a must-have resource for both rural and urban chicken owners.



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    Table of Contents:

    Introduction 1

    Part I: The Healthy Chicken 7

    Chapter 1: A Picture of Backyard Flock Health 9

    Chapter 2: The Anatomy and Body Functions of the

    Happy, Healthy Chicken 19

    Chapter 3: That’s What Chickens Do: Healthy Chicken Behavior 35

    Chapter 4: More Than an Ounce of Prevention: Biosecurity for the Backyard Flock 47

    Chapter 5: Keeping the Flock Clean and Comfortable 63

    Chapter 6: Feeding the Flock Well 75

    Part II: Recognizing Signs of Chicken Illness 87

    Chapter 7: Inspecting the Flock and Examining the Sick Chicken 89

    Chapter 8: Troubleshooting Common Illnesses in Adult Chickens 101

    Chapter 9: Sizing Up Sick Chicks 123

    Chapter 10: Sleuthing Subtle Signs of Illness and Mysterious Sudden Death 133

    Part III: A Close-Up Examination of Chicken Woes and Diseases 145

    Chapter 11: Accidents of Flock Management 147

    Chapter 12: My Chicken Has What? Diseases Caused by Bacteria and Viruses 165

    Chapter 13: Exterminating Chicken Parasites and

    Other Creepy-Crawlies 181

    Chapter 14: Identifying Miscellaneous and Mystery Chicken Diseases 197

    Part IV: Your Chicken Repair Manual (and Advice for When to Close the Book) 207

    Chapter 15: Making a Diagnosis: Getting Advice or Going It Alone 209

    Chapter 16: Medicating and Vaccinating Chickens 225

    Chapter 17: Performing Chicken Maintenance and First-Aid Procedures 243

    Chapter 18: Euthanizing a Chicken and Disposing of the Remains 261

    Part V: The Chicken/Human Interface 273

    Chapter 19: Can You Get That from a Chicken? 275

    Chapter 20: Food Safety and Quality of Homegrown

    Eggs and Meat 283

    Part VI: The Part of Tens 293

    Chapter 21: Answers to Ten Common Questions about Chicken Health 295

    Chapter 22: Ten Common Misconceptions about Chicken Health and Treatments 301

    Appendix: Chicken Health Formulary 305

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    Great book loaded with useful information, all new chicken owners should have this in their library.
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      I just saw that book I at my library today!
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    I would like to order, but do you ship to South Africa?
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    I need information like this, but do you think I can get it shipped to me in Costa Rica? If not, I can probably find another way ...
  5. Kourtnie
    After reading this article, I decided to pick it up on here with the premier package...I'm sure glad I did! Thanks for the great book and great review! This one will be staying in my collection forever!
  6. dellakay
    I am a TOTAL newbie at this chicken biz, and do definitely appreciate getting a review of such a useful sounding series as these "for dummies" books. Thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful commentary on this book, I know it will be a useful addition to my chicken library!! :)

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