Chicken Heaven's Coop

We needed a new coop for a couple of reasons.
1. It is a dog pen and the get chickens cold in the winter. It gave our rooster some pretty bad frost bite last year (we sold that roaster because he was mean).
2. On 10/10/10, the lives of 2 Dominiques were taken by what we suspect a mink (R.I.P. Ruby and Goldie).
So, to make sure that doesn't happen again, we got a new coop.


Images of the old coop.
We are going to do a dirt and gravel slab.

A very large tractor brought the coop over. It is an 9x10x10. Here is what we had to do in the mean time.

We started 10/23/10


Tearing down some box elder trees. This is where the coop is going to be placed.


Putting down some rocks, dirt, and gravel.

We had to soak the dirt to level it. We really didn't have to soak it with hose water because a storm came that night with heavy downpours.

Gravel has been laid out and leveled.
Here the coop is on the tractor.

Here are some photos of the inside and outside.




Inside the coop

Daisy, Spikes, Cuitipie.

Chicken laying an egg!
We have 2 lamps set up in the coop. 1 Flourescent lamp for the chickens to lay more eggs in the winter months.
2. Heat lamps, this will keep the chickens warm in the winter months.

Things we would have done differently or we will do sone.
1. We will later be adding wooden floors to the coop. Right now it is juist gravel with layers of straw. It still works out fine.
2. Since this building was made out of old cedar telephone poles, there are some hole that need to be fixed up.
3. Get a new door.
4. Install a vent.
5. We are considering about building a chicken brooder and putting it inside the coop.
We could not have done this without our wonderful birds asking us to do this for them.
Our 3 crossbred RIR Daisy, Spikes, and Cuitipie. Our 3 Langshans, Tonk Hawk, Sumo Wresteler, and Alex. Our 3 Dominiques Pearl, Dorthy, Violet. Our 6 Legorns, Peanut, Georgia, Umbrella Girl, Lucky, Bumpy, Chatty. Our 2 RIR Lucy and the one and only rooaster, Slick Willy.

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