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Chicken Injuries & Diseases - How To Diagnose & Treat Your Chickens


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  1. Donshawsie
    Two of my hens will stand looking at each other and will pull neck feathers from each other's neck. What the heck is going on?
  2. luluspunky
    Any ideas other than the bandaid cure for straddling? I have a 1 1/2 mo old black orp and noticed it first yesterday
  3. DonHess
  4. melissa792
    Can anyone help ... I have lost one rooster in the past week .. I'm not sure if it has anything remotely to do with what I'm experiencing with my other chickens but we are worried .i just noticed their combs looked black hens have kinda spotty look roosters are black to the tips of combs .. It is very hot here and they are open mouthed panting like their hot which I'm thinking is normal .. The hens just started laying and everyone seems to be eating just fine .. What is this ??.. We're worried it could be something serious .. Anyone with knowledge please help!!'
  5. crashnjax
    I have an Easter egger type frizzle. It sleeps a lot, like most of the day. It also has fluid coming out of the mouth when she breathes. Favors one eye.
    I have been using "VetRx" Since 5/26/2014. I have also been using scrambled eggs added to her normal chick feed. I have also have using probiotic supplement in her water. Yesterday she was very alert and chirping, however this morning she went back to how she normally acts as mentioned above. She is currently isolated from her flock.

    I also have a Creole Orpington that started showing symptoms yesterday. Looks like she is gasping for air when sleeping. Sleeping more than the rest of the flock. Some fluid coming from the mouth when breathing. I already isolated her as well. I am also using "VetRx" on her and scrambled eggs with her normal feed.

    Does anyone have a suggestion of what it might be????? Based on what Ive read, it could be a cold, or something worse. Both are chicks. The frizzle is approx. 7 to 8 weeks old, while the creole is about 6 to 7 weeks.
  6. AmberRex
    Really handy page here by the way! Thank you.
  7. AmberRex
    I have a hen who is about 2 maybe even 3 and has the sort of one leg forward one leg back symptom and curls her toes. I found a post that suggested that it was a vitamin B deficiency and I just wanted to post here to see if it is possible to definitely rule out Mareks as she is so old. There is a load of posts on Mareks I know but although I looked for about an hour I couldn't find my exact information... Said I'd post here instead of creating another thread just if I had missed it if you understand me. Thanks!
  8. ChickadeeRanch
    She is better now! Although it's near winter and she's molting... i'm sure it will work out.
  9. bazza56
    i have enjoyed raising chickens for many years. i do take a very utilitarian attitude with them though. If they get sick i attempt to help them get well, but they are food so i do not put meds into them that will go through to my family. What i am attempting is a better strain of disease resistant bird by using drug free birds that lived as brood birds.
  10. ChickadeeRanch
    Help my hen Ava has recently fallen ill! Her butt is bleeding and seems to have trouble pooping! If you have any idea what this might be plz message me and i'll fill you in on the details!

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