Chicken is acting weird

By Ezzywill07 · Jul 17, 2019 · ·
  1. Ezzywill07
    1B9F5DA4-BF92-4618-BC33-5EF88F392AD6.jpeg So I have a chicken that is well I don’t really know just acting slow. it could be the weather it could be that I haven’t been with here today please help. I need answers by tomorrow I’m not ready to loose another chicken 7/17/19

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  1. TooCheep
    Hello @Ezzywill07. Sorry, but I do not have an answer for you. However, you've posted this info in the wrong area and likely won't get an answer here. Articles aren't for getting questions answered. They are to inform others (how to build a coop, diagnose diseases, etc).

    Please go to the forums area (link at the top of the page), select the proper subforum (Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures) and repost your info there. You are far more likely to get an answer. Good look and I hope your chicken gets better soon.

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