and let me tell you about

my chicken kingdom
.:: the story::.
as a kid i went to a petstore.they were selling baby chickens.i wanted some.i couldnt buy them since my mom allways said no.but one day i went their again my let me had two.as they grew they had to be forced to be crapt in their cage and i ask can we give them a bigger place but my mom said no since their was no room in the backyard that time.so my mom and dad decided to putt hem to the auction place where they auction off farm aniamls.so me and my dad went their and we have no clue where to go so we went to a building as ask where do put these in the auction and a worker wanted them so we let the worker have it instead of auctioning off.she told us that we come by as see them and told her address.i frogot to see them on weekends and later forgot the adress and gave up.
years past by.by the time of 2003 in april i wanted to go to a petstore and we just went looking around and then i wanted to go to a feedstore/petstore.when i went in their their was baby chickens for sale.i wanted them but my dad said no since their was no room for them outside when they get older but finnally he gave in and said first well call mom and he did and she didnt answer so we went back to the feed store and ask what where they and the worker said their was thsoe chicken that was sodl for meat and some plymouth rock and quails and turkey and a small breed of chickens called sebright bantams.i ended up with two sebright bantams.they where fun to take care of.later we found a space for them in the backyard so my built a coop for them behind the shed.i didnt like the space so i ask to extend the length.so the coop was 20' L by 2 1/2' W by 5'H
.:: a new era and a renovation for the backyard and BIG changes::.

my mom decided to renovat the backyard and their was one problem i was oppssed to it,since the coop was in the way and i was woried i might had to forced to give them up as last time but we got a win-win negoiation,my mom got her ways and i got my ways,so instead the coop had to relocate somewhere else.my mom wanted to put the coop behind her garden so i took 5' X 5' of land.i like the new coop but then i hated the coop.i did not like where the area is sicne my neighbor dog kept on banging the fence and barking and grawling.eventully i got over it and took over control of the dog.
.::the petshop::.
on the summer i went to los angles and went to a pet shop their and they sell baby chickens.i boguht two chickens.the workers did not knew breed they were selling.eventully they grew and both turn out to be roosters and i found out they where either RIR or New hempshpier reds.the two rooster began crowing.later i went to the feed store on january where it was raining.they had chickens for sale and i wanted them but their was a problem.the two big rooster where in the way since the coop had no room for more chickens.so i decided to sell them for $6.00 each(yes it cheap.i did not care i wanted to is to get them to new homes) but selling them failed.no one called or left message for them so my dad cull them both on a snowy day in the desert.later went to the feed store on febuary where it was still raining.i bought two easter eggers.but one died for unkown reasons.later i had one easter egger left and bougth another.the new one turn out to be a red sex link(i wanted another easter egger but i was too stupid to remember the leg difference hehe)as they grew together they been moved outisde with my sebright bantam pair.the sebright did not get along with the other,so i had to divided the coop into two so that way noone get into a brutal fight.months past and got rid of the divider and the pecking order was still on only for feeding time.my easter egger died for unkown causes.so i had three left and months past and the pecking order stop leaving my red sex link a bald spot.
.::joining here::.
i think two days ago i join here and to get help about the space issues per chcikens.i now know the space per chickens now so i will be planing to buy one more chicken since i was plannign to get more anyways.
.::future plans::.
after joining here i look up some coop gallleries here.i saw a small coop that was a two story coop.i though it was cool and said why not do that.i have been thinking of ways how to expand the coop.i had two options,
1.) ask more more land of the remaining garden area
2.) or making a two story coop
I though of a crazy idea,ask to buy off some land from the highschool propety to expand the backyard but it not gonna happen but i can dream and imagine it.
the two story coop plan failed since my dad dont want the neighbor to see that i have chicken in the town(more like the "sleepy town")
but seem like my only option is extending the coop down.their lot of room.i hope it big enough for 12 chickens and maybe 2 or 4 ducks
.:: the chickens::.
i have picture up.

2 silver sebright bantams(pair)
1 red sex link
i have pictures.their up :]
and i will upload newer ones soon :]

sinserly, sailor v :]