Chicken little, the bravest little chicken alive!

By Fancychooklady · Oct 31, 2013 · Updated Nov 6, 2013 · ·
  1. Fancychooklady
    This is a story of bravery. One day as my 12 year old daughter Jess was leading her horse back to the paddock a swamp harrier swooped down and took my little bantam hen. Jess yelled out at the hawk and threw a big stick at him, to no evail, he flew across the river with my little hen clutched in his talons. As luck would have it, or perhaps as a result of the hens brave attempts to struggle, the hawk let go and dropped the hen in the tea tree shrubbery on the other side of the river. Jess threw her leg over " duchess " the old grey mare and off they went , down through the back gate and set a cracking pace over a quarter mile that would put a quarter horse to shame. She found " chicken little " perched precariously above the river, all wet and cold with an eye missing and obviously in shock. Jess scooped her up, poked her in jacket and headed back to the house.
    That was 4 years ago. Jess is now a beautiful young woman , as brave as they come and chicken little is doing what she does best, MOTHERING . In all honesty I didn't give her much of a chance when I saw her face all open and eye gone, but this is one tough little bantam.[​IMG]

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  1. Fancychooklady
    Rezchamp that would be awesome , chickens on steroids. Poultry avengers ! Your Walter kicked butt.
    Chicken little is doing what she does best now, brooding. Even though she only has one eye she is one ' sassy momma '.
  2. chickincrazy
    Wonderful story! Bantams, believe it or not, are tough tough tough!
  3. emma p
    These are the cutest pictures ever. What a pretty mommy!
  4. bantybabylover
  5. MarcoPollo
    Brave little hen. She's beautiful!
  6. mtnbiker46
    looks like part barnevelder part buff sussex?
  7. ArmourFarmers
    I love stories like this, what a special chicken!
  8. Kluk-Kluk
    How very sweet. Lovely chicken! I love happy endings. None of my predator vs. chicken stories have turned out that way.
  9. Fancychooklady
    Thank you everyone. Yes we are very proud of our daughter , she is always saving animals.
    Chicken little is a bit of a ' Heinz variety ' but she has Wyandotte and silkie in her so we call her a
    ' wylkie '.
  10. ChickInDelight
    Great story! Lovely photos.
  11. farm316
    That is so cute!
  12. Americano Blue
    That's an amazing story!
  13. Free as a Bird
    Wow! You just made my day. Thank you!
  14. RezChamp
    I'm so glad this is the a first story I've read today. Kinda sets the mood.
    Thank you.
    Reminded me of Walter(can't remember why we called him that). We renamed him "Herc" because he actually attacked a hawk(goshawk maybe?) that had dropped onto a hen. A good scrap ensued after which, Herc proceeded back to the chicken yard. He was kinda dragging a wing and bleeding a bit but still "struttin"
    Tis a shame old age(we think) got him.....after another 5 years watching after the flock. Sorry, his flock.
    LOL. Fancychooklady and I could have bred Herc and Chicken Little to produce tough hawk fighting chickens to sell as flock and coop guardians.
  15. mebuff daisy
  16. ChickyChickens
    She is soo beatiful!!
  17. joannefiddler
    Wonderful! I am so grateful that you share your stories and beautiful pictures with us!
  18. Alaskan
    what breed is she? Super wonderful pictures and a great story too!
  19. sssharon
    Oh my gosh! What beautiful pictures you captured of your beauties. The mom is beautiful and the chicks are gorgeous. I'm sure you were very proud of your daughter.
  20. Boo Strange
    What a beautiful story!
  21. Tingwall
    Superb story, just getting ready for winter in Shetland, can't wait for next spring for some broody hens and fingers crossed chicks!
  22. Rekon
    Awwww... we had a bobcat that got into our bantams' coop one night... many of the survivors were wounded so badly, we thought they wouldn't make it. Now, they're recovered, thriving, sitting on eggs and raising babies. They're tougher than they look!
  23. beausonge
    Your daughter is AWESOME!
  24. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  25. bantambury
    OH my God! such a wonderful story! I cant believe her mothering skills....even with one eye! she is WONDERFUL! your daughter sounds like a beautiful strong young lady! wonderful story once again!
  26. roostersandhens
    Love the story! She is a beautiful hen!
  27. Sandstorm495
    That's great she got that far :) Beautiful story :)
  28. chickery-do
    Such a tough little chicken who didn't let her ailments bring her down. Now she has chicks to raise of her own.
  29. dipsychicks
    what a beautiful chicken and a heartwarming story :) chickens can be tough little critters
  30. SydneyChickens

    Oh my goodness Lisa it's perfect! She is such a pretty little hen and your daughter did exactly what I'd do, then get called crazy for it hahaha <3
  31. Suzie
    Brought tears to my eyes... incredible story!

    Jess you are a heroine and chicken little is amazing!

    Thanks for conveying the great news.... it made my day!
  32. Robinsong
    That was a great story of Chicken Little and Jess. What a wonderful childhood for Jess!
  33. crazyfeathers
    Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.
  34. One Chick Two
    Hi, I really enjoyed your story about your brave girls. So sad pretty Chicken Little lost an eye, but it is so wonderful she worked her way home to share her sweet little chickies with you. Just love the last photo of her with her chick- she looks so contented! Love Banties!

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