Hellloooo From the Sunny FLORIDA.
I'm just alother Chicken Lover! i"m very new at this whole blog thing i'm not sure what im suppose to put but I guess stuff about chickens! HA. Well i dont want to tell all my information im kind of scared of the internet but I'm #1 Poultry judger in my county...that means i can grade eggs(interior & exterior), grade chicken carcasses, parts identification, place a class of hens(good layer or bad layer) and give reasons why i placed them & 3rd in the State. I've studied chickens for almost 3 years now, and fell completely in love with them(My bank card even has a picture of a chicken on it).Besides chickens, FFA is my life...i revolve around it! I was my FFA's President last year and Vice President this year. Yes....I am a FEMALE! This summer I want to try to build a chicken coop at my school for an FFA preject. I've been wanting to do it since i've found my love for chickens. I will try to keep my thing updated as much as possible, im sure ill be on to ask a countless number of questions! :)))