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By Chicken.Lytle · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Mar 11, 2012 ·
  1. Chicken.Lytle
    Here are some informative, and possibly entertaining, links to my blog.
    Float test to check egg freshness
    New coop for the happy couple
    Egg Overload -- Making the Quiche of Awesomeness
    New Chicken Run
    Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
    Tis the season for Chicken Gifts
    Chicken Nipples
    Pullet Pizza Party
    Stink Eye, the Chickeny Look of Disapproval
    Cool white roof
    Mixed up chickens
    Hot Chicks
    Oreo and the red chicks are growing
    How to Beat the Heat, Chicken Chillers
    First Occupant in New Coop
    New Coop Progress Report
    Snakes on an (Earthly) Plane
    Finally got some rain
    Removing Rooster Spurs
    Cowboy Loses His Spurs
    Broody Separation Anxiety
    Chickens Demand the Spice
    Stinky Compost Surprise
    Feasting Chickens
    Chick Jailbreak and Improvised Nest Box
    Peep Races
    Chicken Lytle and the Prisoner of the Nest Box
    Fancy Brooder Cage
    Broody Hatching -- First Chick and Chicken Math Disaster
    Trapping Pests
    Mayhem -- Snakey Snakey
    Broody Hatching -- Candling Eggs on Day 10
    Early Easter Bunny Visit
    Broody Hatching -- Learning the Routine
    Broody Hatching Disaster
    Broody Orange Pancake
    DIY Tractor and Happy Chickens
    Springtime for Predators
    Ten Minutes of Tractor Paradise
    Jailbird Chicken
    Birthday Present
    Semi Free Range Treat
    Chicken Toys
    Chicken Jail
    Wicked Egg Eater
    All the Wood Behind One Arrowhead -- Fertile Eggs
    Funny Picture -- Egg in Shape of Chicken Laying Egg
    New chicken feed
    Do a dust bath, make a little love...
    Fowl Mouth Rooster
    Chicken Products
    Sneaky Cabbage Snatcher
    Cabbage Haters Gonna Hate Cabbage
    Texas Snow
    Texas Weather
    Oh no! Snow!
    Odd Stuff
    What breed of eggs to hatch?
    Sad Day
    Off to the Races!
    Upstaged by Dr. Dolittle (I have foot in mouth disease)
    Sprouting: how to provide fresh chicken food in winter
    "Royal" Chickens Insist on Dinnerware
    Happy Chickens
    Angry Chickens
    Dealing with Yucky Mucky
    Handling rooster aggression
    Chickens Going Stir-Crazy
    Holiday Fireworks
    Home at Last, New Plans
    Vacation: Out of Control
    My Clever Little "Helper"
    Re-Winterizing the Coop
    The Weather Outside Is Frightful
    Predators and Pests
    The Amazing Male Performance of "Mr. Big"
    Wrong Roost!
    Pandora's Free Range Box
    Lytle "Screw Ups": Coop Design
    Coop "Expansion"
    Kitchen disaster, chickens to the rescue
    Starting production: laying and making whoopie
    Did it again, Cannibal Chickens
    Cure for thin eggshells
    Earning His Keep
    Broody hen break confirmed
    Sick chickens
    Things my chickens like to eat

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