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Chicken Nipples Anyone

  1. ChrystalGail
    Sorry about the title of this page... I couldn't help myself! I did a search for chicken nipples online and came up with some pretty crazy things!!!!! Beware if you try to search for these!
    Anyway, here is my new waterer for the chickens...
    I ordered some chicken water nipples from Kullas here on BYC to make some self contained waterers. After I got them, I went to Fry's (grocery store) and picked up a 4 gallon bucket for free from the bakery (frosting bucket, yummy!). Then I bought one 3/4" pvc pipe at home depot ($1) along with an elbow, a male and female connector and a cap ($1.71) of the same size as the pipe. Here is what I made...
    I used a 1" drill bit to cut a hole in the bucket as close to the bottom as I could, but leaving about 1/2" gap for the connector pieces.

    I fed the male connector through the hole and connected it to the female connector (they were threaded, so I just screwed them together. I sealed the inside with silicone so that it would not leak. Then I connected a short piece of pipe to the female connector. The elbow went on the end of that.
    Then I took my main piece of pvc pipe (cut to my desired length) and used a torch to heat up one of the nipples so that I could melt a hole in the pipe to the perfect size I needed. I made 5 holes for 5 nipples. Then I put the nipples together and threaded them through the pipe.
    I then connected the pipe to the elbow and put the cap on the end. I was very careful not to tip the pipe so the weights in the nipples didn't fall out.
    And there you go!
    5 Nipples................$4.17
    Grand Total......$6.88
    In the summer you can just drop a frozen 2 liter bottle in the bucket to keep their water cool.
    Feel free to message me if you have any questions...
    Thanks for visiting my page!!!

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  1. Family Farming
    love the frozen 2 liter bottle idea!
  2. tp70731
  3. breakout
  4. Beour3rd
    where do you get those nipples ?? i cant find them. and the above link does not work.
  5. RoosterThigh
    I don't see how you clean the bucket out with everything glued to stiff joints and piping, could you please tell how you go about doing that?
  6. breakout
    The waterer I made (see link above) is working great and it's nice to be able to refill from inside the house. As far as freezing if it was going below 32 we ran some hot water through the system at night before bed (maybe 90 degrees) and it would be about 40 by morning so no problem. If it was going into the 20s we put a blanket over the system as well. We're in Texas, if we were somewhere with more freezing we'd add an aquarium heater. As far as algae no problems since we started adding collodial silver and covering the tank to keep the light out.
  7. butternutsquash
    How,is this working for you we haven't put ours in the coop yet
  8. tlsmpsn
    We made something similar, but with the first freeze this winter, even with heat tape around the PVC and a birdbath de-icer in the bucket, our water froze in the pipe. The nipples froze and the PVC cracked. :-( AND it was only 20*F - we get much colder as the winter goes on. We replaced the PVC, used the heat tape and insulation around it and... same thing. Nipples froze and water in the pipes froze. The water in the bucket has stayed nice and liquid.
    Now I'm back to hauling water out twice a day. Any ideas or thoughts on keeping the water from INSIDE the PVC from freezing?
  9. jchny2000
    Anyone using these for larger birds, turkeys or geese?
  10. breakout

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