Chicken not looking good. Help

By 1sofia · Apr 3, 2015 · ·
  1. 1sofia
    I have a question my chicken stop laying about a week now She lays on the other chickens eggs and will not get out of the coop she lays there all day ..She doesn't eat much and her comb looks dry and white .. What can I do. Help

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  1. crazyfeathers
    She is broody, she wants to hatch eggs. Type in the search bar: how to break a broody hen. If you have a rooster and you would like chicks give her someme eggs to sit on. Hens that go broody will peck and make all kinds of sounds to try and keep you away. They also will loose a bit of weight but will get off the nest once or twice a day to eat, drink, poo, and/or dust bath.
  2. Chickenchick11
    I'm not sure what's wrong with your chicken. It might help if you create a thread in the emergencies, diseases, injuries and cures section of the forum.

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