Well my chickens are separated into three flocks. Inside two of those flocks there are sub-flocks. This can become slightly awkward when the flocks meet as the sub-flocks tend to warder of and then need protecting from a rooster from a separate flock.

First off I should probably inform you of the flocks

Flock 1
Sparta,Chamois Pencilled friesian fowl rooster
Honey, Chamois Pencilled Friesian fowl hen
Goldy, Gold Pencilled Friesian fowl hen
Whinnie, Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Bantam hen

Flock 2
Tintin, Frizzled Welsummer/Frizzle crossbreed rooster
Wellie, Gold Partridge Welsummer hen
Miffy, Ex-Battery hen
Buffy, Ex-Battery hen
Dottie, Gold Laced Wyandotte Bantam hen
Apple Pip, Gold Laced Wyandotte Bantam hen (Dotties daughter)
Pear Pip, Gold Laced Wyandotte Bantam hen (Dotties daughter)

Flock 3
Phelix, Gold Duck-Wing Phoenix Bantam rooster
Amber, Gold Duck-Wing Phoenix Bantam hen
Pebbles, Gold Duck-Wing Phoenix Bantam hen
Jack Frost, Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam rooster
SnowFlake, Sliver Laced Wyandotte Bantam hen

The flocks are kept in different runs, Flock 1 in a bark run up by my house, Flock 2 down at the bottom of my orchard and flock 3 in a stable. The flocks live peaceful lives normally until they are let out to mingle.
I have a very big fir tree if my garden, that has a thick layer of needles and powdery soil underneath, this is the communal dust bathing spa. All my chickens go there.

This is where the roosters clash. The hens all come in and start to bathe but the roosters act on edge. Soon tintin will get to close to Sparta, even though Sparta is smaller he runs tintin out of the area and keeps him in the orchard. This is when the line of his hens leave to follow. After eating plenty of apples Tintin turns his attention to the Phoenix hens. This is when he gets beaten up by Phelix who is about 2 or 3 times smaller.

The orchard in summer is normally a sunny, peaceful place but when the roosters come out there becomes an air of tension. Let's not forget the royalty, Wellie, she is boss of all hens and roosters. When she walks through the orchard a pathway is carved through the chickens, and if one is so lazy as not to move a quick thwack to the back of the head is a good reminder.

We also have the flight sessions where my chickens go crazy and just start to fly

Thankyou for reading