Chicken Paintings

If you should ever like a painting of your chicken, I will be happy to do one. If you don't have much money like all the rest of us I will be happy to paint a picture, and then sell you a print. I like every breed of chickens including frizzles. The hardest or more difficult to paint are Silkies because the simply resemble a big ball of fluff. If you would like to know how I paint the watercolors of chickens or even an oil painting I will be happy to post a tutorial to show how I draw and paint chickens. That will cost nothing, and just something I will post so that children and adults you enjoy drawing and painting can learn how to draw their pets and animals. I am 63 years young, don't get out much, and have taught children how to paint for years. My youngest son is an artist, and employed at Sony Entertainment. He paints on the computer for online gaming. If any of you young people out there want to learn to draw or paint your chickens, pigs, dogs, horses etc. I will be happy to post a series of drawing to show the steps I take to paint or draw from a photograph. If you want the tutorial based on your photo I will do that if only the photo is sharp, clear, and something I think will make a good painting. Remember all of my paintings are Copyright: Chabrier HouseofChabrier and Anne E. Shoemaker-Magdaleno, the photographs belong to you, and the original paintings belong to me. I often like to include flowers in my paintings of chickens, Roosters, Chicks, and Hens because I am a great lover of flowers and gardening. However, each picture stirs up it's own composition, and title. My latest painting is "Don't even Think about it!" Which is the hen on her nest Guarding her chicks. I seem to be able to read the thoughts of chickens, so that is how I come up with titles for my pictures. I'm sure your chickens must talk to you too. I hope you enjoy my photos and paintings of chickens, and look forward to hearing from you.
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