Our Chickens
We got these girls on May 18th, 09 (1 yr old).First time out of the pen since getting them a week ago. I thought we'd see what they woud do. Surprising they followed us around and to the front yard where they are not supposed to be. Bad Girls! I went in for the camera and came out to them in the front garden eating my Hosta.
I have : 5 Barred Rocks, 3 Buff Orpingtons, 3 Araucanas, 3 Shaver Sex-Links, 3 Black Australorps, 3 Isa Browns, 3 Silverlaced Wyandottes , 3 White Rocks and 50 White Mountain Meaties.

Update: Chicks came June 9th (hatched on the 8th) all the pullets are doing great. They are 3 weeks old now and all survived. We lost 10 of our meaties out of 50, don't know why.. just did! All are doing well now and growing and pooping.
New into the group!
~Cock a doodle LOU~
Welcome Lou June 18th, 09

Lou came to us a little beat up by a silkie of all things.. Hes a sweet guy, timid and hard to catch.. but just sits on your lap once you catch him.
group photo of the girls..
Soon. photos of my Ameracaunas !

above: heres my favorite girl.. Bertha , buff orp.. she's a sweetie
Here are the 4 adult hens..
bad 103_1200.jpg girls eating my hosta
Henrietta(araucana) and Hilde (barred rock)

Henrietta watching Daisy the Poodle
Bertha Big Butt (Buff Orpington)
Henrietta an Beatrice (Rhode Island Red)

Hilde looking at me in amazement.. and bald butt Beatrice