Moose Manor Chooks!

These are the chickens here on my farm, I get just about an egg a day from each of these girls... they're working pretty hard! These pictures of my hens were taken here at Moose Manor in the last 12 months.
I'm currently being bossed by the following breeds:

  • Buff Orphington
  • White Plymouth Rock
  • Rhode Island Red
  • White Leghorn
  • Welsummer
  • Silchen
  • And one McMurray Mystery Rooster who really shouldn't be here

"Nocrow" the rooster who shouldn't be here was a McMurray "mystery chick" rare breed. What is he? I dunno.

"Henny Penny #1 & #2" Rhode Island Red hens RIR Sunbathing

"Louise" Red Star hen

"Buffy" Buff Orphington Hen

"Bossy #1 & #2" White Leghorn hens Bug hunting girls

"Welli Girl #1 & #2" Welsummer Hens wearing fall colors

"Fancy Pants" Cochin x Silkie Cross (Silchen) who is just growing back her Cochin tail pouf after a fox defeathered her entire backside!