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By kingmt · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. kingmt
    I Have Chicken Pluckers For Sale
    I also have poultry plucking fingers for sale.
    The item listed is a poultry plucker w/ 4 fingers installed. Your choice of yellow or black fingers please make note of color in PayPal. The plucking fingers locking grove is .80", plucking surface is 1.90", & overall 3.60". They fit a .75" hole.

    I use this plucker myself. Without mounting the drill it requires two people (one to hold the bird & one the drill/screw gun). I build my pluckers from a commercial plucking finger that is widely used in the poultry industry. These pluckers are designed to be long lasting.

    The pluckers are $20 Plus Shipping & Handling.
    USA address should be $28 TYD.

    The Plucking Fingers are $1 each & shipping will depend on the amount
    you buy.

    More pictures & information to be added later.

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