Chicken Ranchita

By Barnyard Buddy · Feb 18, 2012 · ·
  1. Barnyard Buddy
    'Chicken Ranchita'

    After much inspiration viewing the pages of Backyard Chickens coop designs, I started with a basic layout 6 feet by 12 feet by 6 feet high with a 45 degree pitched roof with 4x6 feet of coop space and 8x6 feet of screened in run. After that, things got out of hand. We had left over rough cedar, so I used 14' 2x8s as the roof beams, 2x6s as rafters and 1x4s for the walls. I used treated lumber only on the bottom floor joists. With the rough cedar frame, I added a cedar shingle roof, and to avoid having to paint the coop, I added cedar shake sides. To access the inside of the coop, I bought a second hand door and added a window for extra light inside the coop. Had purchased pine lap joint siding for outside, but decided paint an upkeep would be a pain, so I used it for wall covering inside the coop. Also, added combo light and outlet fixture inside and an outside light over the entrance.

    Most of construction was done over Christmas - New Years holidays. 2 days for build frames and install. 2-3 days for shingling the roof. 4 days for sides shingling and installation of window and door. We used 5 bundles of shingles. 2 days for nesting box, and adding chicken wire on run area. Great resource for construction design, layout and technique - Building A Shed by Joseph Truini, Taunton Press (2002).

    Photos show layout in back corner of yard for coop location. I prefabricated Roof Rafters to speed up assembly, and make sure all rafters are identically dimensioned using a sheet of OSB for the pattern.

    Walls were also prefabricated on flat carport floor again to better insure walls would be plumb and line up when installed. The left photo shows interior wall (laid on its side) with framing for pop door. Right photo shows walls with framing for side window.


    Assembly of pre-fab walls and trusses viewed from front of coop.


    Inserting the ridge board for top of the roof frame


    Roof ridge and rafters installed. Beginning to install 1x4 sheathing (on backside) for cedar shingle roof


    Nailing courses of shingles. Lots of shingles, so everyone joins in.


    Roofs Done, time to start on the sides.


    Helps to have a son come in from college for a full day's work. Nesting box temporarily installed and Poulet Shut Door opening vi sable inside the coop.


    Poulet Door installed. Poulet Door manufactured in Lockhart Texas. Check out web site. Doors are photo-sensitive activated, solar charged battery operated. Easy to follow installation instructions.


    Nesting box construction and installation:




    Inside view of nesting boxes approx 14"x14"x14". View of Poulet Shut door located under nesting box


    Chicken Run, Screened In.


    Inside the run with a pop door from the coop, raised and lowered outside of the run by rope and pulleys.


    Now all that's needed are a few chickens.


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    Truly excellent craftsmanship on this coop! A well described build, as well, and obvious careful consideration has been given to the chicken's needs as well as the ease of access by caretakers; full-sized doors and walk in capability are great "quality of life" additions as a coop that is easy to get in and out of by people is one that is also easier to keep clean. I love all the hardware cloth; this should be very secure. The only concern is possibly that it might need additional ventilation, but the caretakers should be able to discern this and add additional vents if necessary.
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    Great article with instructions and supply list. Beautiful coop.


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  1. Chicksrulefarm
    I love the idea of cedar shingles! It makes your coop look so cozy like a little log house in the woods. It probably smell wonderful too from all that cedar. Beautiful work! You must really love your chickens.
  2. QueenBeeMom
    Stunning. I am continuously amazed at the building talent of my fellow backyard chicken peeps. Bravo!
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    wow what a ausome and big coup!
  5. Yay Chicks!
    Really cool!
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  7. 3 Golden Girls
    Well done...really attractive coop.
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    Very very cool!! GREAT JOB! we are going to use shingles as well on our coop! lucky birds indeed! :)
  9. rubycanyon
    Wow, that is a beautiful coop! Thanks for sharing!
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    It's beautiful - you've thought of everything!
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    Love this coop!! Great job !
  15. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
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    Wow! This coop is stunning!
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    Thank you for posting pictures! We are building ours now, seeing a visual of others helps alot! Looks fantastic!
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