Chicken Related Acronyms

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    Chicken-Related Acronyms:

    ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar. Add to water to help w/ flock health.
    APA: American Poultry Association
    AS: Auto-sexing (characteristic) This is a true-breeding ability to distinguish day-old cockerels from pullets. ex. Cream Crested Legbar, Rhodebar, Norwegian Jaerhons, Bielefelder, and more.
    BA/“Lorp”: Black/Australorp (color/breed)
    Bator: Incubator
    BBR: Black Breasted Red (color) ex. BBR Gamefowl
    BBS: Blue/Black/Splash (color) ex. BBS Ameraucana
    BCM: Black Copper/Marans (color/breed)
    BF: Bantam Fowl (size) Smaller birds than LF.
    BLRW: Blue Laced/Red/Wyandote (marking/color/breed)
    BO: Buff/Orpington (color/breed)
    BOB: Best of Breed (show title)
    BOSS: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (feed) good for skin/feathers.
    BPR: Barred/Plymoth Rock (pattern/breed)
    BQ: Breeder/Brood Quality -not show quality, but meets standard/close to it.
    BR: Barred Rock (breed)
    BR: Bourbon/Red (breed/color) ex. Bourbon Red Turkey
    BSL: Black/Sex-link (color/breed) Sex-links are mixed breeds that result in just-hatched chicks being colored differently according to gender.
    BTB: Black Tailed Buff (color) ex. BTB Japanese bantam
    BTW: Black Tailed White (color) ex. BTW Japanese bantam
    BV: Best of Variety (show title)
    BYB: Backyard Breeder (usually has negative connotation)
    CCL: *Cream/Crested/Legbar (color/attribute/breed)
    CL: Clean-Legged – no feathers on legs
    CM: Cuckoo/Marans (color pattern/breed)
    CS: Coronation/Sussex (color pattern/breed)
    DB: Dark/Brahma (color/breed)
    DE: Diatomaceous Earth (supplement) good for natural topical pest control (internal use unverified) **Should be FOOD GRADE!**
    EE: Easter Egger (sort-of breed) Mutt colored-egg layers or Ameraucanas who don't fit the standard. Many hatcheries misrepresent their EE's by calling them “Americanas” or other names of real breeds.
    FBCM: French/Black Copper/Marans (standard/color/breed) BCMs meeting the FRENCH standard
    GCM: Golden/Cuckoo/Marans (color/pattern/breed)
    GF: Guinea Fowl (species)
    GLW: Gold Laced/Wyandotte (color/breed)
    GPH: Gold Penciled/Hamburg (color/breed)
    JG: Jersey Giant (breed)
    LF: Large Fowl (size) as opposed to bantam fowl.
    MPC: My Pet Chicken (website) Sell small orders of chicks and accessories.
    NHR: New Hampshire Red (breed)
    NJ: *Norwegian Jaerhons (Breed)
    OEG: Old English Game (LF breed)
    OEGB: Old English Game Bantam (breed)
    POL: Point of Lay – when a pullet should start laying eggs any day now.
    RIR: Rhode Island Red (breed)
    RSL: Red/Sex-link (color/breed) Sex-links are mixed breeds that result in just-hatched chicks being colored differently according to gender.
    SBEL: Super Blue Egg Layers (Blue layer X High volume White layer) ex. Ameraucana X Leghorn
    SDW: Silver Duck Wing (color)
    SFH: Swedish Flower Hen (breed, not just females)
    SLW: Silver Laced/Wyandote (color/breed)
    SQ: Show Quality – excels in breed standard
    WCP: White Crested Polish (breed)

    * = Auto-sexing Breed

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    This is great.
    Totally need a list just like this but with hatching egg color Acronyms. Ever set of hatching eggs i've gotten come with a acronym written on the egg, but never with a legend of what the acronym color could mean.
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    Great article!

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