Chicken run ideas....

  1. PrettyChickens15
    My family and I are moving to a neighborhood. We currently live on 40 acers and our chickens have a huge run. The new house has 1.3 acres. We're going to build a fortress of a run as there are racoons and dogs there. just wanted to know any run ideas or something that has kept your chickens really safe. Also the dogs keep away most predators out here in the country.

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  1. cute fuzzy chicks
    I buries my fence approximately 6" in the ground for the racoons, and put fencing over the top of the run for the hawks. So far I haven't lost a chicken.
  2. Yorkshire Coop
    1. PrettyChickens15
      Oh didn't see this thanks!
  3. BReeder!
    Try a forum post rather than an article. Questions I have before answering are how many chickens and what breed/s? Also, are you willing to throw many at this or trying to keep it as low cost as possible?
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    1. PrettyChickens15
      I do not want to lose any. Chickens. They are my babies

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