Chicken Safe Plants

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  1. MEMama3
    Chicken Safe Plants

    There are plenty of lists of toxic and unsafe plants for chickens, but it is very hard to find plant options that can be used in your chicken area. I have compiled a list of plants that are deemed appropriate for chicken areas.

    The following plants are deemed “safe” for chickens.

    Zone Find your zone here. Annual/Perennial Note: Some annuals can be over-wintered as perennials in warmer climates.

    Floral Plants

    Bee Balm 3-9 Perennial
    Begonia Annual
    Black Eyed Susan 3-11 Perennial
    Coreopsis 3-9 Perennial
    Calendula Annual
    Daisy 5-8 Perennial
    Dandelion Annual
    Day Lilly 4-8 Perennial
    Echinacea (Coneflower) 3-9 Perennial
    Impatiens Annual
    Marigold Annual
    Nasturtium Annual
    Orchid 6-8 Perennial
    Petunia Annual
    Sunflower Annual
    Thistle 3-10 Perennial
    Velvet Nettle 3-10 Perennial
    Violet Annual
    Zinnia Annual


    Foliage Plants
    Boston Fern
    Christmas Cactus
    Coleus Annual
    Dracaena Fern
    Hens & Chicks 4-8 Perennial
    Hosta 3-7 Perennial
    Jade Plant
    Snake Plant
    Spider Plant
    Wandering Jew
    Wax Plant
    Yucca 4-11 Perennial


    Catnip 3-9 Perennial
    Lavender 5-10 Perennial
    Lemon Balm 4-11 Perennial
    Mint 3-10 Perennial
    Oregano 5-11 Perennial
    Rosemary 6-10 Perennial


    Black Eye Susan 10-11 Perennial
    Bougainvillea 9-11 Perennial
    Grape Ivy Annual
    Nasturtium Annual
    Rose 3-11 Perennial
    Swedish Ivy Annual
    Virginia Creeper 3-9 Perennial


    Butterfly Bush 5-10
    Dogwood 3-8
    Fig 7-9
    Gardenia 8-10
    Hop Tree 4-9
    Juniper 3-9
    Lilac 2-9
    Palm 8-11
    Rose 3-11




    Ash 2-9
    Citrus (all)
    Crab Apple 3-8
    Dogwood 3-8
    Elm 2-9
    Eucalyptus 8-10
    Fig 7-9
    Hawthorn 4-7
    Hop Tree 4-9
    Magnolia 5-9
    Palm 8-11
    Pine 2-9
    Redbud 5-9
    Willow (Goat/Pussy/Weeping)

    Keep in mind, just because a plant is “safe” does not mean it will be safe from hungry chickens.

    If you have a suggestion of a plant to be listed, please leave a comment or message me. After researching its safeness, it will be added to the list.​

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    "Helpful article"
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    I free range my chickens and this was very informative
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    "Very informative"
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  1. lexxed
  2. henvy
    Add Mulberry to the tree list as well. What about plum?
  3. henvy
    I would also add Hops to the list of vining plants. I've read several places that it's not only safe, but the fruit (hops) is good for them. And, it can create shade for them as well.
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  4. Hens rule
    My chicken ate a lemon balm leaf. Is that okay?
  5. bibkel
    I thought chickens should not eat citrus, like oranges? I was going to plant my apple tree in their yard, and the orange tree in the dog yard.....
  6. BethMatt
    Thank you for this! I'll be planting sunflowers & Blackeyed susans this weeknd for out girls, now that I know they are safe for them to eat!
  7. peastix
    Wandering Jew causes contact dermatitus in dogs.Chickens love it and it and it is safe for them to eat from all I've read
  8. KesslerFlock14

    So in my botany class we use Zebrina, also known as Wandering Jew, to look at the crystals in it's stalk that deter predation. The crystals will create an inflammitory response, ie. throat swelling, when consumed. Does this response apply to chickens too? How would you deter them from nibbling on it? I do know that water will not stop the inflamatory response, in fact it will perpetuate it, and humans who have consumed it needed immediate medical attention.
  9. cheri lefay
    Thank you, very helpful!
  10. CherohalaKellie
    Awesome post thank you!
  11. K Spot
    What about Lilly Pilly's?
  12. MEMama3
    Thanks donnavee!
  13. donnavee
    I'm pretty sure the Eastern Redbud is OK - when my chickens were small, they loved to eat the leaves - now they don't care for them so much but no one ever got sick.

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