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  1. tinkerbell13013
    The art of egglaying (mandatory)
    Perching and balancing (mandatory)
    The pecking order (mandatory)
    Foraging skills (mandatory)
    Feathercare (optional)
    Turkey laungauge (optional)
    songbird laungage (optional)
    reading (optional)
    choir (optional)
    How to make a dustbath (optional)
    Breed studies (optional)
    (students must take all mandatory classes in addition to an unlimited number of optional classes.


    Mrs Spurfoot--The art of egglaying--AraucanaAnnie
    Mr. Langshan--the art of crowing--AraucanaAnnie


    Araucana Annie
    Midge: Mandatory, Feathercare, Turkey, How to make a dust bath, Breeds
    Louise: Same as Midge
    Henny: Mandatory, Songbird, Feathercare, how to make a dust bath, reading, breeds
    Penny: Mandatory, songbird, turkey, Feathercare, how to make a dust bath, reading, choir, breeds.
    Audrey: Mandatory, songbird, Feathercare, how to make a dust bath, choir, breeds
    Akira: Mandatory, Feathercare, how to make a dust bath, breeds, reading

    Midnite--Turkey, Dustbathing, breeds
    Autumn: Breeds, Songbird, feahtercare, reading
    Margaret: Feathercare, breed studies, and choir

    Elanor: turkey, songbird, reading, and breeds.
    Marianne: feathercare, choir, and dustbathing
    Whilloghby: turkey laungauge and breeds
    Hatley: dustbathing

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