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By TammyTX · May 3, 2014 · ·
  1. TammyTX
    I began keeping chickens around 1996, but there were a couple years in-between then and now when I didn't have any chickens at all. Sad times!! By the end of May 2014 I should have close to 70 birds. Happy times!! [​IMG] When rounding up my chickens I use a 4 foot long staff...a very handy tool. One day I said to my husband, "I think this qualifies me as a Chicken Shepherdess!"

    My latest Chicken Quest is to breed Olive Egg layers. The hens are Easter Eggers from Murray McMurray or from our Black Copper Marans. The roosters are either the Welsummer/EE roo or a Cuckoo Maran roo. I can't hardly wait until August when they start laying especially since it appears the half BCM's have pea combs (genetics is NOT my strong point). On May 1st we welcomed 5 more new babies, hoping for more Olive Eggers.

    Here is a photo of one of the new hatchlings under her broody mama's wing:

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  1. Mountain Peeps
    Very cute and good luck! I love olive colored eggs!
  2. crazyfeathers

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