Chicken sometimes bleeding

Cream legbar hen, 6 months old, leg keeps bleeding unprompted and generally aggressive lately?
By BelValleyDaisy · Oct 17, 2018 · ·
  1. BelValleyDaisy
    D4B9BBA5-19CA-46E2-B277-E37737744CE2.jpeg 11B22EF6-48FE-43E1-9AC3-4CABBF51267F.jpeg Hi I need some help about my chicken...
    I got 2 chicks back in April, and now they are 6 months old. One of them (April), bleeds sometimes and I want to know if anyone knows why? She hasn’t started laying yet and this has happened since she was about 4 months I’d say. Without being pecked or having an injury she will just start bleeding from her right leg up in the feathers. She’s so fluffy there I can’t find where it is coming from but can see blood on feathers in that area and she leaves a little puddle of blood. Also, she was a really lovely chick and now pecks without prompt. If I have her on my lap for cuddles like she has always done, sometimes she’s happy with it but other times she will growl and peck at my face and hands, even if she’s been jumping to be picked up.. any ideas what is wrong?

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
    1. BelValleyDaisy
      Thankyou! Shall do, I haven’t been on here for a looong time and can’t remember how to work it

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