Chicken Tractor Sunnyside Up

By gackeleia · Jul 20, 2012 · ·
  1. gackeleia

    Our tractor is small and can be moved fairly easily in dry weather. It was designed with 3-4 chickens in mind. Many of the materials were recycled from stuff we had around the house or bought dirt-cheap at an auction. One great thing I found was that you can buy small sample cans of paint for less than $3 at Home Depot, so I bought a small can of yellow and red. The green and brown paint we got cheap as "mistints" somewhere. The fact that I only had limited amounts of four paint colors limited the design somewhat, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. The coop is definitely a work in progress as we are just finding out additional requirements (e.g. with temps over 100 for more than 10 days in a row, we realized that the two vents were not enough and we decided to add an extra window--will be done shortly). We're planning on adding a pipe water system with chicken nipples in the coop and below and a tube feeder inside the coop that can be filled from the outside. The coop has a PVC pipe run that can be removed, and the area under the coop is enclosed as well, with a door for easy access and as a way to let the chickens out to free range once they are older. Right now our chicks are just over 4 weeks old, and they seem to love their "big" home (no wonder after living in a rubbermaid tub for three weeks).




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  1. paridisefarm2009
    That is super sweet !!

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