Chicken Treats: Healthy treats for your birds you can make

Easy to make and healthy treats to make for your chickens.
  1. Hanathehappyhen
    AFD5FF13-B8C7-4D9F-8E04-B5199AD520FA.jpeg D780CE26-DCA1-4CB2-AEC1-397649186381.jpeg 8868778C-EBE7-4E35-8B1F-68E11BAF469C.jpeg A lot of the people at BYC keep chickens as pets. People give their dogs treats, do why don't chickens join in on the fun? Below are some easy treats that your chickens will love.
    Chickens have different tastes, so not all the treats will be liked by the chickens. So don't be disappointed, and just try another treat!

    Crumble Feed Mash
    If you feed your chickens crumble feed, you have all the supplies to make this.
    As much crumble feed as you want to feed your chickens.
    - About a cup of water
    - Any of your chickens favorite treat
    Put the feed in a bowl and pour in the water a little at a team mixing it in. Atop adding water when the mixture reaches a porridg-ey consistency. Then stir in your treats. This treat is perfect for any weather, since you can use cold or hot water. It is also a great way to get your chickens to enjoy eating their crumble. You can also hide supplements and vitamins in the mash.

    These treats don't need any preparation. All you need to make these delicious snacks is the ingredients themselves.
    - Meats: Fish, other types of meat
    - Worms: mealworms, waxworms, earthworms
    - Yogurt and cheese: unsweetened plain yogurt and plain cheese
    - Leafy greens: kale, chard, grass, dandelion greens, cabbage, carrot tops,lettuce ( be careful with lettuce since it is not nutritious)
    - Squash/Zucchini:cooked or raw (they must be cut to smaller pieces)
    - Tomatoes/ carrot family:(yes I know Tomatoes are not technically a vegetable) As long as they are ripe chickens love the tomato fruit, and seeds.
    Carrots/turnips: slice them up and serve them cooked or raw
    (all if these should be given raw)
    - Persimmon
    - Apple/pear
    -blueberries, blackberries,currants, strawberries, grapes
    - Dandelion flowers
    -sunflower/ poppy seeds/ other seeds
    - oats (cooked or raw)
    - raisins/dried Currants

    Though it's fun to see your chickens happy, you have to make sure they get the proper nutrition. Although all thee treats are "healthy" too much of them can make an unhealthy bird. So it is important not to give your chickens to much of anything, and find a good balance for their food.

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    The recipe is easy and you probably have the ingredients already. All of these are great ideas!
    1. Hanathehappyhen
      Thank you!


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  1. ChickNanny13
    :thumbsup Simple treat making, my kind of recipes :gig Anyway just make sure you don't "over" treat your birds cause then they'll prefer that over their feed which contains the nutritional needs for their growth and management. Learned that no matter how "healthy" the treat, more than 10% of their intake can/maybe detrimental to their well being.
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    1. Hanathehappyhen
      Yes that's true. It's importan that they still eat lots of their feef

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