Thank God it's Friday!!!
So now we're all settled in, for as long as it lasts. I sprinkle more food into the trough 2-3 times a day over a paper towel. I add more paper towels over the last ones so the floor is getting really soft, and tomorrow I have bigger chores. It's time to: clean out the trough, put sand in the bottom, bolster the tower with the heat lamp (It sways a little, left to right, but the back to front is okay because there is a fascia board across the top from front to back. Nothing side to side, though.) and hang the big bird feeder, although just barely off the ground, and mix in a little grit, or put it out separately. Hopefully the little ladies will figure it out before they starve. The second day I had put their food on the other sidf e of the trough, and you have thought is was in Antarctica. But they did eventually find it. At any rate, I'm tired of continuously laying papers over then top of the dirty ones and the smell is getting strong. I am also concerned with all the poop around the food as they kick and swipe it around. Although I am glad about the poop because I heard after a few days they do get their sh&t together, which is more then I can say for myself. Anyhoo...I'm feeling pretty good about where we are today and so is Christine. I like my tower of power so much I think I will keep it until we get chicks again, probably in 3-4 years, from the books I've been reading, and my references here on BYC.