Chicken Worries

By angel28 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. angel28
    I was seriously worried yesterday that Bella the Bantam had an egg stuck in her. It didn't help that she looked fatter than usual.
    But today she seems to have lost some of that weight, though still no sign of an egg. Her comb has also gone worryingly limp.
    As we don't know how old she is she could be at the end of her egg laying days? She has given us two bad eggs as well, and one had a blood
    spot. I'm sure thats normal enough, but it all goes along with my theory that either she has an egg stuck or she is older than we think.
    Both quite awful situations. We have only had the chickens for a week and look what a state they have got me in. [​IMG]

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