Hi my name is Erika, one day i just got in me head i wanted to raise chickens and a week later i had my first 2 chickens ever FancyPants and Rosco
and after that i was in LOVE with chickens im a chicken addict soon i had over 15 hens of different breeds to go with my Rosco
then came all the babies.
At first all i had was mix breed babies but soon i learned i would make better of a profit if i had pure and it would make my husband happy if i would stop using all his money on chickens and start making my own to support my habbit lol so now im just raising silkies, standard cochins, americana, Easter Eggs, Sizzles,and Buff Orpingtons. Right now im still trying to build up my flock but i hope to be a one of the top breeds around here and really make a living from it. I love animals and all my life i always wanted to work with them o im going to try my best to keep my lil at home small business going and maybe when i have kids they'll enjoy it to and keep it going even longer when im gone :D :D
Chickens are the best and cant believe i went this long with out them in my life. Im was a depressed person in the past but since i got my chickens they have really change me to a happier person.