Welcome to my home page.
I invite you to see my other page, "poultry in motion," for a thorough look at the construction of my chicken "coupe."
I started with five chickens in March 2011, and now I'm hooked. My flock now consists of ten hens and a rooster, all different breeds and colors. My wife says that for me, it's obviously not about the eggs but the color palette. Guilty as charged. Our rooster, Russell Crow, is a magnificent Welsummer. The hens: Lavender Orpington, copper-headed brown Ameraucana, Red Laced Blue Wyandotte, Red Laced Splash Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Black Sex Link, Silver Laced Wyandotte, butterscotch Buff Orpington/Barred Rock mix, and Buckeye.
My location is along the Applegate River near Grants Pass, Oregon. My wife and I are retired teachers; we moved here from Santa Barbara, CA three years ago.
I find it challenging to get good photographs of hens, because they are always on the move. On this page I'll post a few successful shots.
First, here is Ginger the Buff Orpington, who posed on a stump for me (with a little bribe of scratch).
Here is Lucille, my fluffball splash Red Laced Wyandotte. I love the feather pattern of this breed:

Barbie, my Barred Rock, being eyed by Rosie Cotton the Yellow Lab. Barbie is a layin' machine, producing 6-7 eggs per week since March.
Below is Lazarusky, a Golden Polish so named because she survived being "retrieved" by our Labrador, resulting in a two-inch completely skinless neck gash, which we thought was the end of her, but two weeks later, the skin and feathers grew back, and she was a beauty. We decided to give her to a Polish breeder, though, because she never integrated with our standard hens. Hilarious to watch, though.

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