Hello! Welcome to my page! I'm afraid it's a tad boring at the min, but as soon as I get my daughter to help me load some pictures (sad, I know...), you'll have something to look at!
My names Rachel, I live on the west coast of sunny (sweltering) Florida. I’m 40 with a wonderful hubby and two teens. I have been an avid reader of BYC for over two years now, and I'm now finally in a position to get a few birds of my own - yippee!! Truly, all of you have proved to be a wealth of information, better than any book or magazine I have, and I have a LOT! So thank you all!
Two weeks ago I got an adorable playhouse on Craig’s List for $200, and yesterday I started painting it.......its eggshell (well what else?!) blue with white trim and dark blue doors and shutters....its gonna be soooo purdy!!
I plan on getting my girls from my local Mom and Pop feed store sometime in April 2011, I really want to get the coop and run done before I get them, with my hectic life it may not get done until the day before there first birthday - not cool!! I only plan on getting three, hubbys supportive but not a fan of chickens, so I think three will be a good place to start...we'll all be happy. I’ve read all about "Chicken Math" so who knows...?!?!
Ok, thanks for visiting, come back, hopefully soon it'll be more visually pleasing!