Hello, This is how to tame a chicken. Okay kind of a dumb intro but anyway so i got a very strange un-social rooster a while ago and had to find out how to win his trust... And.... BOOM this system Was born!!! Okay so first just of course feed them and water them every day so they know your not going to hurt them. Then Try thowing treats out to them. Every day try throwing treats closer and closer Untill they are almost to your feet then try putting the treat ON your shoe. The chickens may refuse at first and then start back out at your shoes. Put the treats as close to you as your chickens will go to get them. Soon they will dare to come closer to you and eat off your shoe then start putting your hand next to your shoe after they are comfortable with your shoe. Carefully start putting feed in your hand and your shoe. Then just your hand. Start hand feeding them there treats! Gently stroke them while they eat... VOLLA You have a tame Holly style treated chicken!

-Holly W.