We are always looking for a way to keep healthy. Raising your own chickens is a good start. It can be fun and easy to do. Start small with a couple of chickens and slowly add more if you would like. I started with a few chickens and now we have over 50 chickens. We sell chickens, homemade chicken houses and chicken coops that my husband builds, and fertile chicken eggs to anyone that would like to start their own family farm. We build our houses with white pine and cypress, we use screws and galvanize wire, we try to get our houses to blend into the landscape so no one has to know that you are raising chickens and they make the perfect urban setting. Main tip is to keep the area clean so the smell is non existence that way your neighbors never have to know that you have chickens in your backyard.
, and Chicken Coops of all sizes are shipped all over the USA.
Visit our website: http://www.chickenhousesplus.com/