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Chickenkeeping 101: Getting Started

  1. pepandfriends
    So, You want to raise chickens, Eh? Good choice! Having these feathered friends around are fun even if their just for eggs!

    What you'll need to start your flock!
    1 coop
    1 bag of pine shavings
    1 feeder (per 5 chickens)
    1 waterer (per 5 chickens)
    Mealworms (optional but your chickens will love them!!)
    Chicken feed
    Fencing (for the run)
    and of course CHICKENS!

    Breeds I recommend:

    Pet Breeds:
    Easter Egger
    Barred Rock
    Rhode Island Red

    Egg Breeds
    Easter Egger (they lay pink, blue or green eggs!!)

    And of course there's more breeds than that but I recommend those for your first flock!

    Where to find chicken supplies (feeders, waterers etc)

    I recommend going to a feed store (rural king, tractor supply, etc)
    You can also find chicken supplies online too!!

    Where can I get chickens?

    Well, there's a LOT and I mean a LOT of places you can find chickens!!


    Feed Stores: Every Spring and Fall they do Chick Days! If you don't know what that means it means feed stores will have open containers put in a special section of their store, and guess whats in the containers? CHICKS!!

    Online: You also can find chicks year round on hatchery websites! They will ship chicks in the mail to your doorstep! even though, there is a chance that some can pass away in the shipping process, so know when you order them, there might be a dead one or two in there.

    Grown Chickens:

    Facebook Chicken Swaps: I know, its called chicken SWAP, but you pay for the chickens, you don't actually swap chickens. if you have a Facebook account, you can look for chicken swaps in your state/area! Sometimes they even have rare breeds for sale, so keep a lookout for that!

    Pet Stores: This occasion is rare, but yes, sometimes you can find live chickens being sold at pet stores! I wouldn't use this method if I were you though because its a super rare occasion!

    if you want to raise chicks, click off this article and go to a different one, this one from now on is about raising grown chickens!

    Raising Chickens: The first few days

    1: Get your feathered flock (I recommend 4 chickens for a starter flock!!)

    2: Get the coop, feeders, and waterers set up and put the pine shavings in the coop

    3: Put fencing in the area of your choice for the run (the run is an outside area where your chickens can stretch their legs and exercise!!)

    4: Put your new feathered friends in the run and watch them scratch, run around, and play!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST lock your chickens up at night (shut all their coop doors) and let them out in the morning (open their coop doors) the chickens should go into the coop by themselves.

    If you have any questions about chickenkeeping, you can make a thread at BackYardChickens.com!

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  1. karenerwin
    "Very basic information"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Aug 9, 2019
    You gave some good basic advice, but you failed to back any of it up with reasons why you recommend what you do. For example, why do you recommend the breeds that you do as being good for pet chickens and why do you recommend others as good for eggs? If a person is reading your article in order to decide if they want to raise chickens, you need to provide them with more information and reasons for why you make your recommendations.
    You also did not talk about types of coops, what type of fencing to use for runs, predator proofing and many other necessary things. You also could have talked about different breeds laying different colors of eggs.
  2. Anonymous
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 22, 2019
    Nice Article!

    Hopefully some photos and links to resources will be added in an edit


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