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    [FONT=courier new,courier][FONT=book antiqua,palatino]Our "Kippenhok" and little bits and bobs of our little piece of heaven [​IMG]
    [FONT=book antiqua,palatino]Herewith a start to my chicken coop and run.. still tons of work to be done before i get any chickens... [​IMG][/FONT]
    [FONT=book antiqua,palatino]Finally the weather let up a bit and we have put in a few windows yay. [​IMG]
    The wire is almost done too.. next step is pop door, vents and insulating... finish off the wire..then the fun part will start [​IMG] Notice "Big Mac" one of our Highland Steers..

    Herewith a photos of the nest box progress.. still tons of work to do, but all for the love of chickens :) Will take more photos as i get a chance but seem to spend most hours with either a drill a hammer or wire cutters in my hands instead of a camera!!

    Outside staining started... unfortunatly so has the rain now so the rest will have to wait till the weekend!!

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