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By ChickenLover200 · Mar 28, 2014 · Updated Apr 25, 2014 · ·
  1. ChickenLover200
    It all started when my dad said he wanted to get chickens. So we got 7 Gold Link hens from a store nearby and they were about 6 weeks when we got them. They were so cute! we started building a coop then decided we wanted 4 barred Rocks that were at the same store.. we got those (all hens) and moved all 11 into the coop. We loved how the silkies looked and so we decided to get 4 of those that were white from somewhere that bred them. We had them in a tote in one of our barns. (for the longest time they were in our garage) once they were old enough we built another coop bigger for the White Leghorns we got from our neighbor and the Gold Links and Barred Rocks. moved the silkies in the older coop. then we got Partridge rocks and had 3 roosters and 3 hens! they went in with the silkies and the roosters got their own coop and run because they were being mean... then my brother got two ducks.. one male and one female they also went in with silkies. They are Muscovies..
    and we've had them since last Fall.

    Other than the chickens/ducks we have 2 Katahdin hair sheep and 8 barn cats. a miniature horse named Eli, and 2 West Highland White Terrier dogs.

    above is an egg we got about a month ago. This egg was the size of a hummingbird egg in our coop. It is brown and speckled in color so we think it is from either a Barred Rock or a Gold Link. above it is compared to a regular Silkie egg and a 2 liter bottle cap. It is very small. Since of course there are no "smallest chicken egg in the world" records in the world I figured I'd post it here!

    The ducks I've mentioned above are now free range! The drake tried to kill one of our Partridge Rocks.. so he's out!!! him and his girl (both muscovies) are out free ranging as of yesterday!

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  1. Mojo12
    What??? No goats yet? LOL
    Sorry, but my hardware/chicken/farm store had a lonely goat the other day, and ..... LOL

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