Pictures of our Girls
Stella Mr Roo Rosie

My wife and I live in Central Florida on a one acre lot that is next to a State forest so we get lots of "visitors" - deer, turkeys, racoons, opposums - and that's just what we know about! After a couple of false starts we now have a small flock of seven chickens - a production red, two B.C. Marans, an EE, and 3 SS. Thanks to all the advice on the forum we manage to keep them healthy and happy and they keep us supplied with more eggs than we know what to do with.
Like a lot of you we started with chickens because we wanted some control over our food sources. No worries with inhumane practices or contamination issues. We try to "eat local" whenever we can - difficult in a metro area - and our next step is to look into locally raised beef and pork.... one step at a time!
Chloe and Sophie Coop and run think they are waiting for treats?

Yes - the coop really does look that bad! Built from scrap plywood laying around and some aluminum panels I liberated from an abandoned shed it is easy to clean and can be moved around the yard like a tractor. The PVC waterer and feeder were inspired by the forum - great ideas! Next improvement will be a nipple waterer. The run and coop are 68 sq ft with a bump out egg box - plenty of room for 6 chickens who free range in the yard every day.