Hey :D
Welcome to my page!
My name is Angel and I love chickies and everything sparkly! (If you put sparkles in my hand I would probally eat them! XD) Anyways, I have a lot of different breeds o' chickens. I really want Astrolorps, pardon my spelling, but they are just to darn big!
Well, here are the things that I like!: sparkles, cupcakes, dinosawrs, peace, music, and...... A LOT MORE!!! My favourite music is metal, electronic, rock, hard rock, emo, indie.... but I absolutely hate country!!! >:/
Something you should know about me: I am very very random, I am very very bad at spelling, I put sparkles in my cereal, I don't like cereal, and I haven't pee-ed in my bed since I was 5 years old! YAY! No PeePee in my bed!
What do you like? Or hate? Why don't you PM me and tell me? I love getting PMs, not PMS, but Private Messages. If you PM me, I usually PM right back. And if you just need someone to chat with, I am right here! I am really good at keeping secrets
Anyone can trust me :D
Right now I am in a relationship! :D Yay me! We started dating 1-17-11.
Thanks for reading my page!