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    I am brand new to chicken keeping as of March '11. The first 4 chicks we got were just the best and loved us. Would come when we called from wherever they were in our yard or our next door neighbors. We share our birds with our next door neighbors. They own 1/2, we own 1/2. We share the responsibilities and it works out really well. Except that all the first 4 chicks.... turned out to be ... roos! So, they have finally all been re-homed and we started over. We are now the proud owners of a buff Orpington and a black Silkie, both almost 6 months, and 2 red Stars and 2 EEs all almost 4 weeks. My darling/danged (depends on my mood) husband built a beautiful coop and run that all the chicks are now in, tho the babies are fenced off from the other two until they are a bit older. For now we are looking forward to our very first egg....

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