I have 21 chickens they are golden comets and rhodeisland reds. They are 2 yrs old and some are 15 weeks old. they are enjoying the summer, eating water melon and having fun in their chicken pool. The younger ones should start to lay in July or August. I also have 1 dog and a cat. The dog's name is Sassy and the cat is Catra they are both rescued from shelters. I used to have 2 beta fish, but they died. I hope to have a horse some day, my aunt has a horse and 3 llamas. Our chickens love to go though our garden and look for bugs and eat the tomatos, peppers, ect. We take very good care of our chickens so they can live a wonderful life at our place. My favorite chicken is Nutty Buddy.
We now have a Rooster!!!

Here is a list of chicken names:

Ducky, Ginger, popcorn, NutterButter, splashy, corn, carmel, creamy, butterscotch, Big Red, Little Red, Fatty, Hazelnut, blueberry, hennie, penny, honey, cutie, lovely, candy, coolness, oceania, drew, Caspian, Fluffy, keri, mercury, lincoln, minicoop, dutchess, cream, icecream,.......